June 27, 2010

I like to think of this as the moment when H. received divine inspiration from magnetic fields in the sky. Or something. She's working on a literary project that is also a means of self-therapy and I want more than anything for her reach that beautiful place where she deserves to be.

June 26, 2010

SATANIC BEASTS! They looked so innocent until I developed the film! Ha!

June 24, 2010

I have not been taking many pictures because I am so over stimulated by the outdoors that I cannot manage to operate a camera. Rainbow lights dance waltzes before my eyes, the wind's rough hands cavort in my hair, summer skin seduces my nose and tongue with its rosy blooming. The one place where I still enjoy total quiet is my bedroom, and so I leave you with some images of that little ark. There is also a photo/literary project that will be available as soon as I find a proper print shop! Kinkos exchanged their gorgeous printers for absolute junk!